For High School

Career Testing for High School/College Students

Career testing for high school scholars and students (typically ages 18-22) help them make the right decisions about graduate studies, and initial career choices.

Do you (or does your son/daughter) need to:

  • Choose a direction for graduate studies?
  • Identify a career path to pursue after college?

With the Career Testing Package for Students, you can:

  • Identify careers that best match your interests and personality.
  • Eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong career path.
  • Receive professional guidance and feedback to help you make the best career decisions.

What you will receive in the Career Testing Package for Students:

  • Professional career tests and assessment most appropriate for the scholar/student.
  • Tests are completed online for quick turn-around time.
  • The results of your career tests in full-color report.
  • Feedback (by phone) to explain and interpret test results and help to determine best-fit careers and study directions.

Because I offer this service on-line and do the coaching via telephone (or skype) I can help you no matter where you live.

R2470.00 per package

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