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Three key signs that you’re ready for a career change

Change in our lives often seems to be caused by circumstances and that can make one feel out of our control.

Yet, there are also times in our lives when we desire change, when we, in fact, NEED change to keep us inspired and motivated.

So, how do you truly know when it’s time to change your career?

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Your Career Lost its Appeal

You started out enjoying your chosen career — at least in the beginning. But over time, you and your career, well, you grew apart.

And, just like a relationship that’s gone bad, it can be hard to walk away from a career you’ve put so much time and effort in, to say nothing of the financial investment.

Take my friend Paul.

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What should you do when you find yourself on the wrong career path?

We’ll, if you’re living with the consequences of having long ignored your better instincts, get a pen and paper and find a quiet space. Then write down everything that little voice deep inside you has been trying to tell you — but this time without censoring it.
If you find, for example, that you’ve been living someone else’s dream, ask yourself:

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