“Hi Toy,


I wanted to thank you for our work together. In the last months, your warmth, support, wit and intuition helped me in so many areas on my life, I am not sure that “career coach” is the right title for you 🙂


Before working with you, I had just left my “dream job”. A lot of money, business class trips, a nice title on a business… too bad I hated the job and was slowly killing my soul. After almost 6 years in a career I never enjoyed but was what I had studied for and was “supposed” to do, I started suffering from adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid. After years of hating my job and not “speaking out” (= doing something about it) and finding my “voice” (= my purpose), I could tell that something was not right but I kept ignoring the feeling because what else could have been done right? Except that, I found out personally, the message will find a way to be heard, no matter what. And after having feelings, then thoughts, I finally got a physical message through adrenal fatigue (burnout) and hypothyroid. So I stopped my job and decided to take a few months break to think about what I wanted to do with my life.


Then, someone I hadn’t talked to in years gave me your email address and I thought “why not?” And I am so glad I ended up sending you an email! Working with you helped me see things about me that I had ignored for so long. Doing your assignments and going over them with you each week, taught me so much about who I am, what makes me happy, my values… it had an impact on way more than just my professional life.


I now have a tool I can use to see if a job is in harmony with who i am or if it will just make me unhappy. I really got clarity on who I am and what I need to do to feel alive.


Since working with you, I don’t feel lost and without hope anymore. I know my strengths, what makes me unique and how to use it. I know that there is a job that will make me feel like I am not working but it doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming, You showed me that I need to focus on the next step, while working towards the end goal.


You also taught me to listen to my intuition, trust and take action!


Your warmth, kindness and dedication are just incredible and it’s incredible how you have been able to understand my fears, joys and needs. This was much more than just career coaching 🙂 Thank you so much Toy for the time spent working together, it was fantastic!  “

Lucie Robazza, Australia

My life is transformed!


Toy opened my eyes to the immense potential with which I was created and made me appreciate the talents; strengths and skills locked up in my DESIGN.


After finishing my degree I started my own fashion business, but very soon started feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of my decision to work for myself. I felt desponded and uncreative with no direction and very low energy.


Toy took me on a journey of rediscovering my passions and dreams, helping me remember why I chose to start my own business in the first place. The road wasn’t always smooth; it had a few up-hills and battles digging deep into my fears and insecurities, but soon I started reconnecting with my business, feeling more encouraged and full of energy.


By the end of our sessions, I was ready to take on the world. I now had all the tools I needed to establish myself and creating a reputable business, no longer feeling uncreative and insecure, but strong and talented.


The most significant improvements in my situation after working with Toy is: The way I looked at myself and my work; having courage to explore the unknown;and the biggest one… to no longer see problems, but wonderful and exciting new opportunities.


Thank you!

Anzelle Hurter,

“From a very early stage in my career I felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied and mostly unhappy with my job as Financial Manager.  Being a Christian I believed that God was still in control although I did not feel the same, surely He would not have lead me on this path in vane?  So I jumped from one job to the other and consulted Occupational Psychologists in the hope of feeling better and finding some answers.


Finally one day out of pure frustration and desperation I Googled “career change” and came across Toy’s website. I was surprised to find a website and a person that understood EXACTLY how I felt! I phoned immediately for an appointment.


At first I was a bit sceptical, but I had nothing to lose.  Toy made me feel at ease and explained the process to me.  Within a couple of emotionally intense sessions with Toy I knew what God DESIGNED me for. I had a DESIGN Statement! (This basically means that I now know what my God given desires, skills, interests, giftedness and values are, which have a unique and specific effect on the world.)


With my DESIGN Statement in mind and Toy’s guidance I realised that I had to do my own thing and start my own business, still in Finance but with a different hat on.  Through my experience as Finance professional I could identify a need in the market and how I would go about fulfilling this need.  Finally I would be in a position to address the issues and frustrations I experienced in my profession in an independent and original way.


So the process began, in May 2010 I resigned from my job to start my new business venture, Abacus Solutions.  I equipped myself with the necessary additional skills, developed my website and slowly but surely stared to build a client base.


Toy guided me, was a sound board and source of inspiration through this process and to this day.


Now I feel fulfilled, satisfied and happy because I have a calling and I’m living it.  We all have the answers in us, we just need someone to ask us the right questions, praise to God that he has also lead Toy to fulfil His purpose for her.”

Yolanda Botha ,

“I recently turned 30…yes, still young, full of ambition and ready to build a wonderful future.


My work situation, however, gave me a real ‘caged-in feeling’, that was choking me!



I was introduced to Toy, and soon found that she could help me discover and pursue new reasons to spread my wings and fly!


I’d been a Qualified Physiotherapist for 8 years and I loved working with people, but there was a large part of my creative core, which enjoyed little or no satisfaction.  Work also involved long, physical working hours, and ceilings were set quite low for personal and income growth.


Then, I started on an exciting journey with Toy, where we unearthed many of the passions, skills and gifts I had buried deep inside of me. Every step of the process that we worked through was an amazing, enriching discovery of ME!


Toy has played a vital part in helping and mobilizing me from a state of captivity and inertia, to a place of momentum and hope.  I finally found that it is possible to do what you love, to multiply productive time, and to earn a respectable income at the same time.


I realized that it is in fact true – There is more to life -the answer to a question that had been mulling inside of me for too long!


Thank you Toy, for giving me the key to unlocking the cage I felt I was in!”

Marilet Klopper, Pretoria