Don’t Waste Your Life In The Wrong Career

Don’t waste your life in the wrong career

For most of us the bulk of our life will be spent working. Being stuck in the wrong career not only wastes time but also wastes our God-given gifts, talents and calling. It wastes our life being stuck in the wrong career.

The bible teaches that we are God’s own workmanship, created for work which leads to paths that takes us to the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us. That includes you!

No need therefor to stay in a job or career which doesn’t suit you.

The way God designed and wired you fits specific occupations, jobs and careers.  He has gifted you with abilities and talents for the work you are born to do.

Discovering the way He designed and wired you is the key to finding which career or job suits you best.

There are a variety of programs and products available to help you discover the career/job/occupation God designed you for.

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