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My Short Bio:

After 20 years in the corporate world, I made a career change and have been doing life and career coaching since 2004.

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Coaching Education and Training:

  •    Professional Life Coach Training
  •    Success Coach Training
  •    Whole Brain Practitioner Training
  •    Inner Healing & Spiritual Renewal
  •    Christian Counselling
  •    Theophostic Prayer Ministry
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Other Qualifications:

  • Diploma Veterinary Nursing
  • Diploma Tertiary Education
  • Diploma Financial Management
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My Story

My life reached a turning point in 2003.

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Growing up in the Karoo instilled in me a love for nature and animals. After school, I studied in a veterinary field and started my working career as a veterinary nurse.

Though I enjoyed what I was doing, it wasn’t a well-paid career. I subsequently entered the pharmaceutical industry.

Within 2 years I knew I didn’t fit in my new career. As a “Karoo girl” I found the corporate environment tough and very stressful but I “got trapped” by the good money I was making…

After 20 years I couldn’t continue in my career. I felt bored yet stressed at the same time. Worst of all…there was no purpose to my job.

In trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to do with my life, I went from one psychometric test and psychological assessment to the next (I had a file thick as 10 dictionaries with test results).

I read countless self-help & career books, attended courses & seminars, sought advice from friends and loved ones but to no avail. Nothing I tried brought the answers.

My life came to a standstill, I felt terribly stuck; the “how to” discover what I really wanted to do kept eluding me. The horror having to stay in the same career for the next 20 years!

Sunday evenings were the worst; Monday morning was ahead, I dreaded facing another week at work.

O and the guilt! In spite of a good job and decent salary I wanted more. Hey, I had nothing to complain about (ek het gekla met die wit brood onder my arm).

But then in 2003 things changed…

In my search for answers, I came across the teachings of a spiritual, christian teacher who spoke about passion and life purpose in a way I haven’t heard before.

I decided to try an experiment-; for 6 weeks (instead of “forever”) during the December holidays (I had annual leave coming up) I would apply what I learned from the spiritual, christian teacher to see what happens.

Lo and behold then it happened!

After some weeks of applying the principles, lessons and knowledge I gained, the depression lifted!

I began seeing possibilities. I asked different questions to the Lord and journalled what I was hearing. Answers started surfacing. It was as though scales fell from my eyes…

A while later I “accidentally” stumbled upon an article about life coaching. I never knew such existed. It was exactly what I wanted to do!

At last I discovered my purpose and passion in life!

After qualifying as a life coach, I started working for myself, established my practice and began attracting clients feeling stuck in the wrong career.

Based on my own journey and the breakthroughs I experienced that December holiday I developed a step-by-step program which– over the years – has helped countless people discover their direction in life and what they really want to do.

I feel extremely privileged to be able to do what I love while making a difference in people’s lives.

On a personal note:

I enjoy reading biographies, music, nature and gardening. Sunshine, a full moon and the breath of a small puppy are some of my favourite things 😉

My greatest pleasure is when I see people coming into their own just as God intended for them.