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After years of searching for the direction of my life (and therefor my ideal career), my breakthrough came in DECEMBER 2003 after spending that time at the Lord’s feet.

The month of DECEMBER is very significant concerning our purpose/destiny in life.

Through a mentor, Arthur Burk, I learned that there is special, uncommon grace available in the month of DECEMBER concerning our purpose/destiny.

 In Dec 2003, I was not aware of this special and uncommon grace that’s available during December concerning ones purpose/destiny but today it makes sense that I had my breakthrough in December.

And here is why:

Through Arthur Burk, I learned about four change-of-season times which God imprinted with righteous dynamics on that time. That means there is uncommon grace available to us during those times/dates which is not available at other times.

The four (4) times/dates in the year were designed for reconciliation and there is a window where there is this uncommon grace of God.

Each window has a different flavor of reconciliation.

March is for reconciliation with community/family/loved ones.

June is for reconciliation with land.

September is for reconciliation with God.

December is for reconciliation with our purpose/destiny.

So December’s window of reconciliation is here right now. What does it look like for us to be reconciled to our purpose/destiny during this window?

The Process

The first step is to set aside time to assess how you see the nature of your purpose/destiny. It is important to listen to your honest feelings, even though your theology may protest that your feelings are inappropriate or irrelevant.

For example, have you never even considered your purpose/destiny?

Or have you sought it diligently and found heaven to be silent on the issue?

Or do you feel you have no purpose, or are you afraid that it might be too late?

Or do you envy the great calling others around you seem to have?

The second step is to assess your timeline in light of your destiny.

Do you feel you have wasted valuable time?

Perhaps you are grieving something you’ve done that might have cost you your purpose/destiny.

Or have you been eager to move toward your destiny but feel God is detached, ignoring your passion and not providing what He must provide for you to go forward.

Perhaps you feel you are watching the years slip away without any chance of finding your destiny/purpose.

The third step is to bring your feelings into alignment with God’s reality. This is reconciliation.

There are three things you need to embrace.

  1. Your purpose/destiny is exactly right for you. If it feels like it doesn’t fit, then you are not seeing something cor­rectly. It might be that you do not see what your purpose really is. Or you might desire another purpose/destiny. Regardless of the cause, the reality is that God did not mismatch your purpose/destiny to your God-given design and your time and place in history.
  2. God is not running behind in your life. World history is full of stories about people who seemed stalled or blocked but suddenly found that God had been busy for decades creating a perfect context for them to possess their birthright. When His time was right, they leaped forward because the way had been prepared. Maybe this is His time for you now.
  3. Finally and most significantly, there are no shortages of opportunities in life. Let’s suppose for purposes of discussion that you have done something wrong and God Himself has removed some portion of your purpose/destiny.

Suppose His justice no longer allows you to do what was originally planned. Stop for a moment and visualize all the tasks He has allocated to specific people that are not being done by them.

Everything that has been removed from someone, or abandoned by someone, is available for reassignment by God.

For example: Joshua led Israel into the Promised Land because God gave him the birthright that Moses forfeited.

God’s justice may require Him to remove something from you as He did from Moses, but if you have been diligent in developing your God-given design, He has a warehouse full of “unclaimed property.”

While His justice removed one thing from you, His love will rejoice in giving you more if you are serious about asking, seeking.

Can It Really Happen?

Reconciling with your purpose/destiny is about discovering your God-given design. In other words how He designed you…. your passion, desires, skills, gifts, interests and values and bringing that into alignment with God’s reality. This is so vital that I urge you to set aside significant blocks of time to speak, communicate, pray, dream and listen to the Lord.

Share with the King what you know to be true about Him and how He designed you. Then share what your emo­tions shout at you, blatantly contradicting that truth. Finally, invite Jesus to crown this season with a miracle of revelation as He brings you into alignment with His purpose/destiny for you.

The King will be delighted to give you the gift of becoming rec­onciled to your God-given design and His destiny for you.

He did it for me, He can do it for you too.

Need help finding your purpose/destiny ?

Contact me, I’ll be delighted to help.

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