Your Career Lost its Appeal

Your Career Lost its Appeal

You started out enjoying your chosen career -- at least in the beginning. But over time, you and your career, well, you grew apart.

And, just like a relationship that's gone bad, it can be hard to walk away from a career you've put so much time and effort in, to say nothing of the financial investment.

Take my friend Paul.

After earning his degree in chartered accounting some fifteen years ago, he started climbing the corporate ladder as a CA and eventually ended up as a CFO. For the first five or so years, Paul got satisfaction out of working in the corporate world. For the last ten though, his work has felt like a burden.

So what keeps him there? It's simple. Paul doesn't want to "waste" his degree.

I know it's not easy to turn your back on an established career, especially if it's one that pays well, has some prestige associated with it, or required earning some kind of advanced degree. And yet, think about the logic of it.

What you're really saying to yourself is, "I've wasted the last 10 years of my life so I might as well throw away the next 20 as well. Forget about my true gifts, I've got more suffering to do."

We all get lost from time to time. That's life. The danger comes when we fail to heed the road signs and get stuck in the breakdown lane.

Everything in life happens for a reason. The key is finding the lessons. Even my own job with all its red tape and boring tasks offered invaluable lessons and experiences.

In addition to getting to travel the country, I learned to trust my instincts. That job was also the catalyst I needed to make my final exit from the j-o-b world. And it exposed me to situations that were integral to helping me figure out what I really wanted to do.

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