Three key signs that you’re ready for a career change

Three key signs that you’re ready for a career change

Change in our lives often seems to be caused by circumstances and that can make one feel out of our control.

Yet, there are also times in our lives when we desire change, when we, in fact, NEED change to keep us inspired and motivated.

So, how do you truly know when it’s time to change your career?
There are three key signs that are clear indicators you’re ready for things to be different.

First, you’re bored. You wake up unexcited to start your day or simply feel like you’re in neutral gear. You’re on automatic pilot and are going through the motions without any real energy or excitement. This is not just in your job but it filters through into your personal life as well. You lack emotional energy and kind of feel “blah” all the time. Even hobbies or interests that you use to enjoy have lost its appeal.

Secondly, you start to get irritated with everything at your job. Things that used to be interesting or problems that used to be challenging to solve now simply irritates you. You’ve been there, done that, and don’t know why you need to do it again. The idea of having to do it again or deal with it again annoys you. Your patience has worn thin for the “normal” issues in your job.

Lastly, you begin to feel restless. You’re restless and you know there is something else you could do; in fact, there is something else you feel you want to do, NEED to do and, whatever it may be, you are beginning to feel eager, driven and pulled all at the same time to get there and do it.

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