The key to your divine assignment

 The Key To Your Divine Assignment

Have you heard about the concept of ‘being in your zone” ?

What does “being in your zone” mean?

“Being in your zone” is the place where your gifts, talents, and acquired skills combine with a role that empowers you to do what you were created to do.

It is what happens when you enter your ultimate purpose —you become actualized, come alive, in a role that pays you to do what you do best. It is functioning in your divine assignment.

Your divine assignment becomes “the work” that your whole life has prepared you for. Being in your zone means you are busy with your divine assignment and it taps into your ability to make an ultimate contribution.

What’s an “ultimate contribution”?

It’s Moses freeing his people, Joshua enabling them to possess their land, David consolidating a kingdom, and Solomon building a house as he administered the nation at the height of its glory and power.

In this stage of life, you are moved into a position that makes the fullest possible use of your experience, temperament, talents, etc. and liberates you from other activities that you are less gifted to perform. Being in the zone frees you from labor that is not best aligned with your gifting.

When we read about the successful exploits of David, Joseph, Daniel, Esther, or Deborah, they were in moments of “being in their zone.” This phrase implies a coming together of certain factors in the life of a person who is fully set apart to the purposes of God. When they step on the scene they impact the environment!

Ready to impact your environment, receive your divine assignment and function fully in your zone?

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