The 4 signs of what you were born to do

The 4 signs of what you were born to do Each and every one on earth was given purpose and grace before time began (2 Tim 1:9). Before you existed, purpose and grace were given to you. Purpose is what you were born to do and grace is the empowerment to fulfil your purpose. You…
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Change Your Thinking

How we think has a massive impact in our lives. Our thinking determines how we experience life and directly affects our quality of life.

One of the easiest things to do…

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Partnering with God to change your career

According to Genesis 1 we are created in the image of God, and according to Genesis 2 Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden to "work it and take care of it".

The garden was perfect (before the fall) and there was plenty to eat.

In reality Adam did not need to work, yet God gave him work to do. The reason being that God instilled in Adam potential and only by doing the work God gave him and called him to, would Adam experience fulfillment by expressing his God-given potential.

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