9 reasons why it’s hard to discover your passion

9  reasons why it’s hard to discover your passion

Many of us have a hard time identifying our passion. Why is that?

9 reasons:

  • The culture around us defines us more than our hidden, suppressed dreams.
  • We think it’s selfish to become introspective.
  • We’re trying to survive our too busy lives and don’t have time to reconsider why we hate what we do for a living.
  • We think it’s wrong to do what we love.
  • Fear of rejection. We are afraid that we will be rejected if we dare trying to do what we love.
  • We are afraid if we identify our passion, we’ll have to act on it and that means risking failure.
  • We believe it is not possible to make a living form our passion.
  • We fear the unknown and therefore do not even try to discover our passion.
  • We want to make a difference but we feel too insignificant.

Some of these reasons are related to our fears while others are related to limiting beliefs.

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